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Agile subscription

WTF is that?

At GeniusCrew, we believe in transparency and honesty towards our current and future clients. 

That’s why we’re more than happy to share our method, pricing, and process. 

Besides phase 1, everything is included in your subscription. And of course, no worries, there’s no vendor lock-in. You can take the deliverables and proceed with any app agency on this planet. 

Regardless of the project you’re going to make, the first phase will always costs you a single one shot payment of 1.890 euro.

The steps

We have 4 main phases, that can be repeated in order to follow an Agile approach:

  • Phase 1 – The study: we start with a 3 weeks consultancy that end creating you project features list and analysis;
  • Phase 2 – The design: starting from that we’ll build the design, which main purpose
  • Phase 3 – The development: we’ll then develop your project, but we’ll never stop the other phases, in order to optimize the results!
  • Phase 4 – The  growth: once we’ll reach the first milestone, we’ll plan the growth of your project.

Best of Agile subscriptions?

we believe in transparency and honesty towards our clients, which is why we’ve developed Agile Subscriptions as a flexible and efficient payment method.

With our Agile approach, changes in development won’t impact the contract, meaning that there are no wasted days spent on changing contracts and agreements.

This allows for maximum efficiency and a focus on creating the best possible product for our clients.

Saved time in contracts
Quality of the delivered product
Customer satisfaction

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We always start with our phase one, but this doesn’t mean that we’re not flexible.

The first step is a meeting to know each other, we’ll listen to your request and we’ll evaluate your project.

After our internal evaluation we’ll give you the best proposal for starting together!

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