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Agile subscription is the key!

Stop wasting time in contracts

Agile subscription

Agile subscription is the key!

Stop wasting time in contracts. We’re more than happy to share our method, pricing and process.

Let’s start from the beginning. 

Regardless of the project you’re going to make, the first phase will always costs you a single one shot payment of 1.890 euro

And then? WTF is agile subrisption?

With our method we don’t sell hours but tasks. This is a more convenient way to work remotely and to manage all phases of the project. 

We will study the work to be done and we will communicate you a monthly subscription. We will put at your disposal the codes and libraries created by us for an optimal structure.

Best of Agile subscriptions?

We believe in transparency and honesty towards our clients, which is why we’ve developed Agile Subscriptions as a flexible and efficient payment method.

With our Agile approach, changes in development won’t impact the contract. We will fix a delivery date but don’t worry, if you want to make additions we can extend the monthly subscription.

We want to make sure that everything is done in the best possible way.

Saved time in contracts
Quality of the delivered product
Customer satisfaction

Excited to join us?

Let's start together

We always start with our phase one, but this doesn’t mean that we’re not flexible.

The first step is a meeting to know each other, we’ll listen to your request and we’ll evaluate your project.

After our internal evaluation we’ll give you the best proposal for starting together!

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