Mobile App, Web App, PWA, Software: let’s find the differences.


Perhaps it’s the mechanical use of apps and software that made us forget that, even if imperceptible, there are differences between an app and software, between a web app and a PWA. We would like to clarify for those who decide they want one of these products: so, depending on your needs, you will be able to decide which one is right for you. It is difficult to tell the differences, although we use them all the time and they are part of our daily life. Explanation


Let’s start with the definition of “program” which is a common concept for all four types of products: a program is a set of instructions written by a programmer in a certain programming language, readable by the computer (computer or mobile device), aimed at solving problems in an organic and algorithmic way, which would be complicated to solve “manually”.


After defining what a program is, let’s move on to defining “software” which is the set of programs, information, and data that allow us to do many things with our hardware. We have to thank the software if we can surf the internet, write text or calculation files, or play chess on our computer, phone, or tablet. However, when we talk about software, we usually refer to the application software (if you want to deepen google Firmware, System Software, and Driver) which are precisely those described above.

Mobile App

An app, short for application, is a program or set of programs capable of carrying out a task or tasks, according to the needs of the end-user. This is the real difference between a program and an app: the application, equipped with a graphical user interface, is intended for the public, while the program… for programmers (notoriously not part of the human race).

Instead, to remember the difference between apps and software, just remember that all apps are software but not all software is apps. Also, we can further differentiate the apps on Mobile (come on, don’t let it be said).

Web App and PWA

For the last two, the difference seems imperceptible instead it is very relevant. What makes PWAs stand out from web apps is the ability to perform certain functions without being connected to the internet. Furthermore, thanks to their ability to make the most of the cache, they provide faster functionality by taking advantage of real-time data updating.
Finally, both web apps and PWAs easily adapt to both desktop and mobile (although PWAs offer a user experience comparable to a native mobile application).
We hope we have brought a little more clarity about these fantastic tools that help us in everyday life and which we really couldn’t do without.

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